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The 10-Minute Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Ten Minute Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Zombie apocalypse on the horizon?

No problem.

If you’re reading this online, it hasn’t happened. YET.

We’ve covered everything you need to know in our 10-minute zombie survival guide.

Like what, I hear you ask?

Everything from compiling the ultimate zombie apocalypse survival kit, through to how to zombie proof your house using traps.

So yeah, we’re serious about zombie preparedness, are you?

Let’s go…


Zombie Experience – Zombie Boot Camp Halloween

Zombie ‘Sten’ Do’s – Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything

Zombie ‘Sten’ Do’s have become increasingly popular at Zombie Boot Camp. As the main contact for both Hen’s and Stag’s its nice for me to see the natural merge into a joint party! Up until recent months I have predominantly dealt with the Stag’s but it seems the Hens want some real action with the boys now! The Hens are putting their foot down and joining the boys to show them what its all about… they want some ZOMBIE action!

On a weekly basis I am speaking to Stag’s and the best men, planning your usual stag do, the banter that comes with it is fantastic and one of the reasons I love my job so much. Knowing that I can help create the ultimate stag do and give the lads a send off they wont forget is what its all about, right? Well you’d think so but now I get to book the STEN do’s. Its fabulous as we have seen a new clientele join in on the action.

We get several times of stag groups: Mr Sensible, Mr I’m game for everything, Mr Suprise and then Mr I want my fiancée.

So here goes:

Mr Sensible books Zombie Boot Camp knowing that the stag group are going to love the event, its manly and full contact. Its the right way to send off the stag and have a great time in the process. Meanwhile Mr Sensible is phoning up asking a 101 questions about how the event will run and to make sure the stag group aren’t stitching him up.

Mr I’m game for anything is truly awesome. He books the event and asks to have everything thrown at him. He is game for anything and everything including coming looking like fairy in his lovely pink tutu!

Mr Surprise, well now he has no clue as to what he is about to experience as the best man has kept it ALL from him. We often have a whole bus full of lads turn up and only the best man knows what is happening. The look on their faces is priceless when confronted with out army lads marching them through decontamination.

Now, my person favourite, Mr Inclusive. Mr inclusive phones me up and asks to do a joint hen and stag do because he simply doesn’t want to experience such an awesome event without his future wife. Sweet right? There are so many reasons as to why this is the best option! You get to survive the most realistic zombie experience with the love of your life, you save money to spend more n your wedding or buying that dream house! You get all your friends together, as if you anything like me half my friends had to go on the stag do rather than my hen do as they was the wrong sex! You get to enjoy the after party together! Why should the stags get all the fun anyway?

The other day I had a phone call regarding another Sten do, in the background I hear the hen laughing and the pure excitement she had in her voice that she was attending zombie boot camp was priceless. An event she said that she would never have been able to do if it was a sole hen do as she wouldn’t have been able to persuade the girls to do on their own. Brilliant news! Meanwhile im having a fantastic chat with the groom, arranging the overnight accommodation, planning the food for after the event and how we can make this event the ever lasting memory they desire.

I love handling joint events as I get to talk to both the Hen & Stag! Then I get the individual calls while the others not about asking if I can stitch the other up – The stags wanting me to scare the hell outta the Hens or The Hens wanting us to humiliate the Stag – how would you stitch your partner up?

So, what event do you guys want to enjoy as one big bachelor/bachelorette party? Zombie Boot Camp, Wolfmen, The Asylum or even Alien Experience?

Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

What to expect at a zombie event?

On arrival, the staff set the scene.  As the staff are all ex-army this is easy to do. At Zombie Boot Camp, we start off by decontamination. Boots first, then hands and head, making sure to rub that decontamination powder into the hair. Hilarious fun and a great way of breaking the ice. Once decontaminated then it’s kit issue and a concise safety brief.

Now it’s boot camp. 2 short fast paced periods to get you ready to face the zombie hoard. Firstly, riot training, learn how to wield a baton and hold a riot shield. Move in formation, listen to the words of command. Then it’s Close Quarter Battle (CQB) get a rifle and find out how to clear out a building of the walking dead.

Time for a break  – before the 1st of 2 mission briefs.

What to expect at a zombie event - Riot training -Zombie Event

Riot training

Mission 1:  pile in to a van and speed of to quell an outbreak of freshly contaminated zombies and search for survivors. Leap off the van grab a riot shield and fight to the death. This mission is physical as those zombies need a good battering to go down. Once you have cleared the compound its back on the van to be re-briefed for mission 2.

Mission 2: grab a gun, pull down your helmet visors and get ready to go again. Its back on the van, speed off, jump off the van, make sure your safety if off and blast away. Stack up, follow your military instructor and get inside the building to wipe out the infection.

Finally, after 4 hours,  peel off your body armour, recover your composure, flop into a chair and get de-briefed. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and you are probably glad it over?

Remember no matter how hard we try,  zombies are fictional characters and the zombies

Zombie Experience Newly-trained recruits in the UK's best zombie experience

Zombie Experience Newly-trained recruits in the UK’s best zombie experience

who work on our events are living.

A zombie experience is a fantastic day out if you are part of a stag party, hen group, corporate group or just a couple of mates.

Zombie Experiences are an alternative to the more traditional day out –  give it a go.




Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

…a good product will sell itself

Amazing to see that zombies and horror films are still going strong in 2017. Next Resident Evil date is soon to be released with a game to support it. World War Z 2 is imminent.

Sales of our Zombie and Werewolf events up 15% on last year. Zombie merchandise huge. The Walking Dead probably will gross more than the GDP of a small African nation. Will it ever stop? I think not!

When we launched Zombie Boot Camp 6 years ago, people said that it would last a year and the bank just made grunting noises when we asked for credit.

What is interesting is that we don’t need to work quite as hard on marketing or spending on adwords as people now know where to find us. It’s true what people say a good product will sell itself.

The UK now has about 4 great Zombie Events and a few not so good. Generally cheap means exactly that. The industry needs to continually invest to thrive. The days of an old warehouse, some springer airsoft shotguns and your mates running around for free are over. Customers now what they want and will track down the best events by searching for feedback. Trip advisor is the most honest and well used vehicle for customer feedback. Potential customers should always be wary of an organisation that claims to be the best zombie experience in the UK but have no reviews.

Our latest addition to our extensive catalogue of zombie experiences is Zombie Blitz “Zombie Battle Experience” it has a more economical price tag to encourage a customer on a tighter budget. Secondly, we needed an event that doesn’t have the physical contact and is open to a younger audience.

To make the event workable we employed the skills of Phil at ppfx. Phil designed, crafted and manufactured a set of individual medical grade silicon zombie masks. This allows an actor to look the part but be safe. Zombie Blitz is a shooting event where customers shoot the zombies with BB’s. The zombie masks construction allows the BB to strike the mask without pain or injury to the actor.

They also look cool.

Our other successes have been Wolfmen and the Asylum. Wolfmen offers a stag group or hen party an alternative to a zombie experience. The plot is a little thicker and the werewolf characters have far more scope to confuse and attack the players.

What’s new this year?

Well of course it must be Aliens – The Experience. We are busy working with designers to make masks and improve the set. Smoke, lasers and a freaky soundtrack will add to the effects. The event will only be for small groups and at night. Darkness is key to making the experience as fun as possible.

The ALIENS will have some pretty creepy characteristics and will fire back so this experience will not be a 1 sided show.

Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

The story continues

I was asked yesterday to make a few comments about the lead news article with the BBC concerning the potential incarceration of a guy who has been selling a range of zombie killing knives. I was surprised into days’ age that people would get excited about such a thing and especially sending someone to prison.

I said a hatchet (small hand held axe for chopping wood) from any high street DIY store had the potential to do more damage to Zombies with far lessZombie knife ban - Zombie axekinetic energy. The zombie knives are for the enthusiast with little real value in the close combat world. In all probability young men will buy such an item play around the back garden with it for an hour before banishing said item to the top draw in his bed side table in anticipation of World War Z.

Zombie Knives are a bad choice when defending yourself against a member of the walking dead, you need to get far too close and use a lot of effort to fight off zombies who feel no pain or fear. Use something that you can use at arm’s length such as a garden shovel.

We also discussed that the interest in zombies and the zombie apocalypse still hasn’t diminished, if anything interest continues to grow; this August events are sold out to capacity in many cases. Our evening immersive horror events have doubled in size to meet this growing customer demand. Back in 2010 the anticipation was that Zombie Boot Camp and our zombie events had a life span of no more than 2 years how wrong we were; we are currently selling tickets for next year and in some cases we have had enquires for 2018.

What is the future of immersive horror?

We have listened to feedback from many of our previous  customers and one theme that has continually been asked for is a prison themed immersive event. So about 4 months ago I sat down with a pen, notebook and few ideas then sketched out a layout for a prison.

A name had to be chosen to generate interest and secondly using as few words as possible be descriptive. Initially Prison Break was considered but that had potential copy right infringement implications with the successful TV series. Then Jail Break was agreed but this name proved problematic as the title Jail Break proved confusing for future customers. During consultation people immediately thought that the event would involve them as inmates and attempting escape. We have finally settled on the name Prison Riot with the descriptive strap line “a hell of a night” which we hope will appeal to our main target customer group of male stag parties.

Prison Riot

Prison Riot ends up exactly as the title suggests a riot in a set designed to look like the wing of a busy prison or in the USA a correction centre.

The plot is based around the correction officers (the customers) you, struggling to sort out a series of challenging and demanding scenarios. The plot follows a loose story line led by the grumpy and bad tempered governor. Unlike our other events Prison Riot has 2 central characters The Governor and the Monk a violent, manipulative inmate who is able to control the other prisoners.

The event has been described as “The Crystal Maze on Crack” (crystal maze was a popular TV game show in the 1990s involving a group of contestants solving riddles not an addictive drug, however crack is an addictive drug); this fast paced action packed event leads little time for reflection as the prison guards are fired from 1 incident to another. The layout of A Wing is designed to put the guards under as much pressure as possible. The guards will have to take delivery of prisoners, organise the governors’ inspection, lock down the wing and finally quell a serious break down in law and order the prison riot.

The finale will involve a team of highly trained prison officers initiating a highly charged intervention in the Secure Housing Wing (SHU) using mock CS gas and flash bangs to bring the inmates under control.

Not all the inmates are crazed, psychopaths some need nurturing but have veiled issues.

We are running a trial event on the evening of the 25th August with 18 willing guinea pigs recruited almost instantaneously using our Facebook page, hurrah for social media. The willing volunteers are up for a challenge and have been briefed what to expect. Well not quite everything!
We also need an event that could be easily shaped to suit both our adrenaline seeking stag parties (hen parties as well) and to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Not all customers want a manic fight to the death lathered in sweat and snot. Some want more of a team based event enabling the work force to bond and improve verbal communication.

Don’t forget to take a look at our newest venture – AIRSOFT COMMANDO – the UKs newest and most innovative airsoft experience where participants engage in simulated combat with military style weaponry and strategy. Airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of actual forces weapons.  Airsoft Commando – Airsoft just got serious

I will sign off now and be back with the outcome of the Prison Riot pilot event on the 25th August

Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

Update – Zombie Boot Camp

What makes for a great Zombie event

We are approaching the Summer period and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing as more potential recruits for zombie boot camp join up. We are now in year 5 of zombie boot camp and wolfmen and business is even busier.
I remember sitting down with the sceptics when I had the idea of a zombie themed event and nobody believed that you could create a company out of a pipe dream, well how wrong were they? We are going through a period of investment to add more to what we already do. Recently we introduced zombie amputees to add that extra gore factor.Zombie bootcamp Experience zombie amputees This has proved very interesting especially when gauging the customer’s reaction. To date we have had 2 people faint at the realism of the simulated injuries and many just stop in their tracks. During a recent Asylum event a group of 3 lads looked at the legless zombie and refused to enter the room.
I often ask myself what makes for a great event. Firstly, you need great customers the majority of our customers are either on a stag event or hen party. Groups turn up excited and not quite knowing what they have signed up for. We purposely like to keep everybody in the dark as it adds to the experience. The kit and equipment is also important as the kit we use is the real thing; occasionally a customer will complain that the Kevlar body armour and helmets are too heavy. The answer is no we can’t change it, that’s what the army would issue you with in the event of a zombie outbreak, so suck it up and fall in before you get bitten!
The zombies are really important, evidently. We normally get volunteers who are generally pretty fit and have a temperament like a pet Labrador, playful but they know when to stop. We offer full contact events but not actual harmful game play. It’s hot, sweaty and noisy but the plan is not to send anyone home unhappy or injured. We have enough problems with the walking dead let alone the walking wounded.
The tempo of the event needs to be paced so that everyone enjoys themselves especially when we have our corporate customers. We need to make sure that any firm that visits us has a fab time and nobody misses work the next day. With our corporate customers we actively encourage team building and a hint of leadership training. We have been amazed in the past when the youngest person in the group takes up the challenge and leads their team’s mates to victory. A lot of our corporate groups have booked on the basis of a staff member doing zombie boot camp as part of a stag party.
It’s important with corporate groups that they win. At the end we will always have a bit of a ceremony to present the best riot cop, best riot squad and leader of the day a certificate of achievement. Like the stag and event parties people get the chance to see how others shape up against a hoard of flesh chomping zombies.
Zombie, werewolf and horror events are here to stay as us Brits just love a challenge. We today see entertainment and adventure as an important part of our lives. The more immersive the better, the more blood and guts we love it. The team at zombie boot camp want to continue to innovate and not just offer great events we want to offer fantastic events.
We are actively innovating to offer an immersive horror event based on the film Aliens. How cool will that be dressed up as a Colonial Marine fighting for your lives against a determined alien force.

We like this

Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

Major Roy’s Blog

I am looking forward to watching Pride and Prejudice Vs Zombies; is there no end to the film maker’s imagination or is there no end to our appetite for zombie films, TV, games etc.? The concept of pale, frail Georgian belles fighting the walking dead is certainly a quirky theme. I did take the time to read a few extracts from the novel and the use of Bronte language and zombies is imaginative but reassuringly convincing.

How would our Georgian ancestors have dealt with an outbreak of the living dead? Well at least they would have had a better chance of containing the outbreak. No tube, flights and overpopulated cities bursting with upwardly mobile people. This is the time of Nelson and Wellington 2 commanders who would have paid scant regard for public opinion and human rights. The army and militia was also significantly larger in comparison than todays armed forces. Each county had its own militia and we had a huge navy. Military commanders would have been able to close bridges greatly impeding the spread of the infection. For example, the London authorities had only 1 bridge to contend with then rather than today.

The weaponry was better distributed throughout the land unlike today with our super garrisons. Weaponry was also brutal and simple, cannons fired grape shot. Which literally fired a couple of kilos of nuts and bolts; deadly to packed ranks of the undead. Muskets and rifles of the period admittedly could only fire 1 round at a time but soldiers were more inclined to stuff an 18-inch bayonet through a zombie’s head.

Cavalry was also deadly; ranks of well drilled troopers dressed in scarlet galloping forward would have made short work of a ragged hoard of zombies. Even the horses of the period were trained to bite and stab forward with their sharpened hooves.

Marksman of the 95th RILFES (Green Jackets) would have happily spent their days perched in church towers picking of zombies at a range of 600 yards. The damage a musket ball makes is significant, at a 100 yards a ball could cleave a limb form the body or hit the head causing a huge exit wound. The commanders would have picked their ground wisely and the lines of infantry would be able to fire volleys of up to 3 balls a minute. The effect on a zombie horde would have been devastating once they were pended in. Most towns and cities still had fully functioning castles and forts. Soldiers lived local so once ordered they could quickly man the battlements. What would happen today if we needed the army how on earth would they negotiate the refugee clogged roads and motorways. The government would also be better organised to managed the media message. The army then would simply close roads and bridges implementing martial law. The population could easily be kept in the dark and told to remain indoors.

Could you imagine what would happen today, everyone would read about a zombie apocalypse in seconds let alone minutes? There would be a mass exodus as workers piled out of their offices, in an attempt to get transport home. The road/rail system would break down and communication systems would crash. Within hours’ families crammed into cars loaded with clothes and pets would simply just grind to a halt. The Brits of the 19th Century were made of sterner stuff, they were used to poor living conditions, meagre rations and death.

It’s a sad fact that today the vast part of our population are over pampered, over weight, needy and weak. Unable to function beyond the reach of our pringles, computers and mobile phones. We would be like lambs to the slaughter wondering aimlessly into the abyss of the zombie apocalypse. I am convinced that our ancestors would have put up a better fight; done as they were told and just got on with it. Today for all our technology, central heating, broadband and microwave meals most of us would get our arses well and truly bitten. Today’s Zombie survivors will be canny, wiry, smart and fearless; they have probably already packed a crash out bag with survival rations and weaponry.

We live in a society where everything is organised for us. We have lost our relationship with the land and surroundings.

The true survivor will wait, watch, listen and prepare.

“survive to fight”

Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog -

Life after Dragon’s Den

For those that don’t know Zombie Boot Camp was featured on Dragons Den on Sunday the 27th December 2015. We were originally asked as far back as February 2015 to consider being filmed. After much wrangling with the production company we agreed to go ahead. I was asked to attend an audition in Manchester at the BBC studios, this was a fairly painless process and all I had to do was look pretty and talk into a camera. They were interested in the origins of the ideas for Zombie Boot Camp we discussed conception, growth and the future. Shortly after this process I was sent my call up papers to attend the actual filming back in Manchester in mid-June.
Even on my arrival at the studio prior to filming I didn’t really have a pitch, what did I want? Honestly I couldn’t let an opportunity like this ride by. I certainly did not want to give away any equity in my existing business it’s profitable and has good sales. Zombie Boot Camp belongs to me warts and all so I sat down to come up with a pitch.
I decided to ask for £100,000 for equity in a plan B. Plan B is to develop a more werewolf centric themed event loosely following the story line of the cult British film Dog Soldiers. Our current Wolfmen event has seen great sales this year especially when sold as an overnight package.
I sat down to practice my pitch, beads of sweat running down my neck and the feeling of crushing anticipation. Would I fluff my lines could I bluff the dragons?
I was surprised during the production phase of how receptive to ideas the BBC was about our opening theatrics. Initially they suggested we came out of the lifts firing machine guns and wearing balaclavas. We would then after scaring the dragons to death swipe the cash and leg it. I am glad we didn’t as the show would probably not have been aired due to the recent terrorist atrocities in Paris. We stuck to the riot cop and zombie pitch which everyone had the chance to watch and enjoy. I do believe we were granted 18 minutes of air time. The zombie was asked to be a violent as possible and the BBC asked if the zombie could grab hold of Deborah Meadens leg and drag her towards him. He nearly did it and Deborah’s composure almost cracked.
I was very nervous about entering the den even after the carnage the lads caused with the dragons the blood trail the zombie left behind when dragged of the set caused the production team a headache as they had to replace a number of floor boards. Peter Jones congratulated us on being the 1st company to have drawn blood in the den. I had to wait about 15 minutes in the den before I could pitch to the dragons. It felt like a lifetime the pitch initially went well until Deborah cut me off in mid-sentence. This threw me totally off balance and I initially struggled to gain composure the gloves were off and I was in for a scrap.
They didn’t like the pitch and wanted equity in the existing company; Nick Jenkins and Touker Suleyman suggested that I should have asked for investment in zombie boot camp. I actually questioned my own integrity at this stage then reminded myself that I didn’t. I wanted investment in the other project “the dog soldiers project” not zombie boot camp. I tried without success to pointout that Plan B would be equally profitable. After a sharp retort again from Deborah I almost blurted out the words “you asked me to come on the show”.
About half way through the torture of the ordeal; Peter asked me how my ex Colonel would feel if he/she saw me standing on national TV, with my hands in my pockets. I replied if I hadn’t been cut short during my pitch then you would have realised that I am still a serving member of the armed forces. At this point the mood in the den changed in an instant in my favour. The questions now were less frosty and more supportive. The experience became surreal as I am offered some great advice and positive endorsement of my business. A lot of the easy going chit chat is not featured on the show but I can tell you on the record that they are a bunch of caring and thoroughly decent people. I knew they weren’t going to invest but they had the decency to tell me why. Sarah Willington said she loved the whole idea of immersive horror but just doesn’t get it. However she said her husband would and loved zombies. So we are waiting for a booking from Sarah this year. Peter surprised everyone at the end and offered the full £80,000 asked for but for 30% equity in zombie boot camp which I kindly turned him down however I think he was been a gentleman knowing that I wouldn’t relinquish any equity in a brilliant product.
Would I recommend the dragons den experience to another budding business person yes I would. We received 500,000 hits after the show unfortunately crashing the site at 200,000 hits but that means people are interested in what we do. I have chosen not to use the phrase entrepreneur; entrepreneur conjures up the idea of some smart arse who knows it all. I am a guy who had an idea £10,000 and the determination to take it to a profitable business. I could be a shopkeeper, plumber or a hairdresser.
What’s the next big thing an app for an entrepreneur? A good business doesn’t need to be out there or no one else has thought of it before; a good business just needs to be viable and based on common sense. If you go on dragons den and tell the world that you have re-mortgaged your house and spent 5 years marketing skate boarding for hamsters then you are an idiot not a business person. A good business person will drop a plan if it’s not profitable and move on. A hobbyist will keep at it until they are worn out or broke. Well zombie boot camp, wolfmen and the asylum are here to stay and will only get better there is a bright future for well-run immersive horror experiences.
So for anyone out there who wants to survive this exciting industry here are a few tips:
  • Pay your tax
  • Be industrious
  • Pay your staff
  • Be honest with your customers they will catch you out someone once said all publicity is good is bullshit bad reviews on trip advisor are disastrous
  • Don’t start a business in a derelict building that is scheduled to be knocked down
  • Spend your money wisely
  • Love your customers
Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

Major Roy’s Zombie Survival And Apocalypse Avoidance Blog


Major Roy’s, what happens when the ammo runs out during the Zombie Apocalypse!

We have spoken about wheels what about weaponry?

Ideally everyone gravitates to firearms however where would you find a gun in the UK? You may be lucky and find a 12 gauge double barrelled shotgun in a farm house but in reality guns are as rare as hens teeth in the UK. Secondly there is more to firing a gun than pointing it at a zombie and pulling a trigger. Guns need reloading, cleaning and they have stoppages.

Lets go for the easier option say a rolling pin, big stick or a garden shovel – at least there at hand and no training if required to swing a garden fork, but is there?

In all probability you will come face to face with a zombie in a confined space so a shovel could be a hindrance I suggest a hatchet its a multi purpose tools. Besides hacking into the neck of a zombie its good for chopping fire wood and breaking into buildings.

Buy 1 now in fact buy 1 for all friends and family members. Have 1 under your bed keep 1 at work take 1 to the mall you never now when you will be confronted by a hoard of flesh eating zombies. Hatchets  will fit in the glove compartment of a car or van, fit in a hand bag or in a child’s buggy. Be prepared to hack and slash.

Don’t become zombie meat become a zombie killing machine.

A few top tips when using a hatchet:

Keep it sharp

Wear Gloves (leather preferably) bite proof

Clean it when used with neat bleach “don’t want to get contaminated”

Always strike at the base of the neck in particular the spine cut the signal from the brain to the body.

We also suggest if time permitting wear a pair of clear perspex safety goggles and a disposable face mask again “don’t get contaminated”

Do not wear short sleeves if possible to layers of clothing any leather jacket will protect you form scratches, scuffs and in many cases bites. No exposed skin exposed skin leads to possible contamination.

A motor cycle helmet is ideal with a visor there is no way any zombie is going to get its teeth through that.

Dummies die people who prepare survive.

My next blog will discuss what to pack if society comes to an abrupt end and the zombie hoards are wandering through your local shopping centre or if in the US a shopping mall.

Major Roy’s, top tips on surviving a zombie onslaught.

Is anyone out there still planning or thinking of preparing for the zombie apocalypse?

After 7 years of running Zombie Boot Camp I think I have done my homework.  Ask me a question I am sure I will have the answer or I now someone who does.

Here is my wish list:


If you are planning to head out of the city and leave the chaos behind then get a car with some personality. I drive a 3 litre Nissan Navarra; boy has that car got attitude when it needs to. I am confident that it would lose no sleep driving through a hoard of the walking dead or anyone else who gets in your way.  It high suspension allows you to tackle high kerbs and rubble without breaking into a sweat. It also has the capacity to nudge other motorists living or dead out of the way.

Its simple engine allows you to drive it on anything heavy oil based so just pull over on the way to the hills and help yourself to the kerosene in anyone’s back yard.

The engine designed to meet the needs of the 3rd world so its design is simple and robust. If you are lucky enough to find a heavy machine gun just strap it to the cap and fire away. The super structure will just lap it up.

Every zombie evading planner at some stage will struggle with what to take with a Navarra don’t worry if you can fit it in the back the Navarra will carry it.

The pre- packing list needs to have at least 160 litres of fuel that’s a full tank and 4 x military steel jerry cans. Remember a tool box, engine oil, coolant and a functional spare wheel. I would also strongly suggest an air hose that runs of the cigarette lighter and a can of the tyre sealant which you can get from a new car. This means you have range and won’t have to mess around changing a spare wheel (remember the taxi scene in the Blackwall Tunnel in 28 Days later “stressful”)

I would also suggest a powerful cleaning agent, rubber gloves and a scraper to remove zombie gore from the windscreen. As with all army jeeps pack a jerry can of water, shovel (not spade), axe crow bar in case you get in a scrape.

We now are ready to go; but remember you will need a map/atlas as satnav will probably be down, a torch with 2 x sets of spare batteries and head torch. To be safe I have purchased the wife and I a full face motorcycle helmet. This is for 2 reasons one if we crash we are better protected in and out of the vehicle and imagine driving to Scotland without a windscreen.

Next week I will be discussing what to take or not to take.

In the interim consider booking zombie boot camp we will teach you lots of hot tips in fighting zombies up front and close.

Remember: zombie dust is the same as fairy dust “it just smells like shit”

Over and out