Meet the Zombie Bootcamp Team

The Zombie Bootcamp Team is made up of military instructors who train you to fight the zombie hoard then lead you into battle. Our boot camp military instructors are exactly that, military, many other companies use civilians to act out the role of the military.

The Zombies undergo a rigorous selection process based on adaptability, fitness and dependability. They undergo regular first aid, conflict management and breakaway training. Initially we looked to recruit Zombie cast members from the Zombie geek class – these individuals proved to be emotional, brittle and too attached to a fictional character. The Zombie Bootcamp cast members we need and recruit are, to coin a phrase, “a bit handy” and can suck up a bit of pain.
You and your mates will have the time of your lives, zombie boot camp is a fast paced, hard hitting experience into the unknown.

From the moment you arrive you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. Get briefed, get kitted out with helmet, body armoured and padding and fall in for action. The training you will get is 2nd to none realistic, exciting and challenging. Unlike other zombie events the Zombie Bootcamp Team guarantee you will be getting up close and personal with the walking dead.

Major R Fitter
Managing Director

Max ‘Monk’ Fitter

Max ‘Monk’ Fitter

Operations Manager/Chief Instructor
Jack ‘Wink’ Fitter

Jack ‘Wink’ Fitter

Natalie Elliott

Natalie Elliott

Office Manager

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