Zombie Boot Camp Experience –  “The Original Zombie Survival Experience”

Attention! These Zombie Experience events are a must for all horror fans and adrenaline junkies! After completing your Zombie Survival training you will be equipped with enough zombie slaying skills to ensure you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse!

See what customers say about Zombie Bootcamp Zombie Experience on Trip Advisor they just love our hard hitting zombie experience.

Simply the Best Zombie Experience

Join the ranks of more than 36,000 fellow citizens travelling from all around the UK and as far afield as the USA, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, France, Holland and Eire to attend the UK’s best zombie survival camp.
Book as a bunch of friends or for that special occasion – over 500 Stag and Hen parties have gained their  Zombie killing skills with us! Not part of a group? No problem, buy tickets for individuals or for two or more and our friendly instructors will build you all into a zombie survival team in no time! We even do a FAMILY PACKAGE!

What To Expect at Zombie Boot Camp?

Real serving and ex-forces military instructors will train you on zombie survival and how to fight back in search and destroy missions. Zombie Boot Camp has been consistently rated the best zombie experience in the UK between 2011 and 2018. We have been delivering zombie experiences for over 7 years.

New Zombie Boot Camp for 2019!

Zombie Boot Camp starts 2019 bigger and better. We have revamped the scenarios and listened to customers feedback about what they want for the future.

Zombie Boot Camp has been going strong since 2011 and we have had hordes of happy customers; the diary for 2019 is already filling up and events this Summer and Autumn are filling up fast.

You don’t have to be a big group to have a great time, many couples, families and small groups of friends come along, and everyone just mucks in.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse we won’t get the chance to pick who is on our team.

What happens on Zombie Boot Camp?

On Arrival

You will be met by one of our team members they will book you in. You will be all asked to read and sign a safety waiver. You need to know what you’re embarking on. Zombie Boot Camp needs a reasonable level of fitness, but you do not need to be an athlete to enjoy this zombie experience.

Mission 1

Once prep for battle the zombies will be taken out and pre-positioned by our staff members. Survivors in small groups under a commander either a volunteer or nominated by our military instructors will go out with the orders to search and destroy any zombies. Of course, the zombies will be waiting for them, initially the zombies will stumble around, disorientated once they pick up on the scent of a survivor they will quickly pickup their pace and head towards their prey. As the excitement and sound of battle ensues the zombies will break into small groups and attack without mercy.

The survivors will need to keep their cool and use their Laser assault rifles to pick of the fastest moving zombies. Loose discipline or break your ranks and its all over, remembering a survivor has only limited ammunition so fire discipline is essential so as not to waste ammo. The survivor’s dependent on their marksmanship may have to wait until the zombies are all most on top of them.

Mission 2

The survivors have tried to contain the spread of the infection outside they may or may not have been successful? Now the zombies are inside the research facility. Survivors under their own command need to search out a smoke-filled dark facility of over 30,000 square feet.  Survivors will become disorientated and potentially lost. Deep in the bowls of a pitch-black room lurks a hungry zombie. When entering the room, you have a matter of seconds to shoot straight and neutralise your foe.  If other survivors drop out or get taken out, you lose points. Leave a zombie alive and it’s a fail. Mission 2 really puts the team though its paces.

Why is laser better than airsoft?

  • Flexibility
  • Safer
  • Better game play & for longer
  • Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Greater potential for more inclusive exciting scenarios
  • Larger groups
  • Better value for money
  • Perfect for Corporate groups or Client days out

About the Technology

Survivors are individually issued with a realistic Laser rifle which is fitted with a torch for navigating through dark spaces.  They are also equipped with a set of British Army body armour, knee pads and a helmet. The helmet is fitted with an electronic head band which is linked to the Laser assault rifle via Blue Tooth.

Dependent on the mission our tech team will pre-program the rifle and head band to work in sync. Mission can be based on proximity, time, ammunition amounts or a combination. For example, the survivors have 40 minutes to achieve their mission after 40 minutes the rifle will switch of.

To add an element of realism the rifle is programmed with 4 x magazines of 30 shots. Once a magazine or 30 shots are fired the rifle goes gun empty and the survivor will need to press a switch to reload. If the survivor wastes their shots, then after 120 shots fired the rifle again goes gun empty. The rifle will also be calibrated to only register a hit on a zombie or other player (Call of Duty combat game) in the head.

Shots to the body will not register a hit, so the is an emphasis on marksmanship. Rifles will be range out up to 300 meters. So very realistic. Another plus point is that the zombies can win. A zombie will be issued with a head band that acts as a receiver. When the survivor fires “accurately” the hits will be recorded by the zombie’s head band. The zombie from the vibration on the head band will now if it is a near miss or hit.

The tech team will calibrate the zombie’s headband to be able to be hit 10 times or a reduction in 10% of life per accurate hit. Once the zombie’s headband has recorded sufficient hits then the headband will activate telling the wearer and our staff that the zombies is dead or deader as they are the “Walking Dead”. This enables much better gameplay as the zombies can win because once the zombie makes physical contact with the survivor then the survivor is zombie chow.

The game play scenario will be awesome as it may get down to the last zombie v the last survivor. Potentially the survivors will become the hunted.

After 40 minutes of game play both survivors and zombies will be glad of a 30-minute break.

Other Advantages 

The technology we use allows us to record shots and hits for competitive results. Results can be linked to social media and used to enhance team building in particular when for corporate events.

Unlike airsoft which fires a 6mm BB and paintball players can concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about a painful hit from a projectile.

The game play and technology we use enables all employees to enjoy a great event away from the office or business premises.

Is it family friendly?

In addition to all of the above the technology enables small group and families with children from the age of 10 to play hard fast and fairly. It doesn’t matter how big and nasty the zombie is as long as kids can shoot straight they will take the zombie down.

Safety First

We here at Zombie Boot Camp take your safety and the safety of our staff very seriously. Due to the nature of the site slip-ons and flip flops are banned you will injure your feet. You will be given a safety brief by one of our experienced military instructors. Then issued a helmet, safety spectacles, body armour, knee and elbow protection.

Yes you can come in fancy dress for those fun Stag and Hen do’s!

We also will give you the option to buy a pair of safety gloves for only £2, they are yours to use and take away with you. The gloves will keep your hands clean and help prevent small cuts and knuckle scrapes. If you have a medical condition or an injury, please tell us the last thing we want is for you to worsen them.

As part of the zombie experience you will need to navigate small spaces, tunnels, crawl troughs called “mouseholes”. The buildings are purposely darkened to heighten your experience we use smoke machine to white out rooms to add confusion. These conditions are key to making our zombie experience exciting and challenging. Due to this there is a real risk of tripping, slipping or falling. You may bang your head as you navigate a mouse hole but if your helmet chinstrap is fastened you will be safe.

The injuries you may encounter are “sports type” such as sprains and twists, the ankles, wrists and knees are vulnerable. So, listen to our instructors and staff members to minimise risk. If you are unsure or nervous or feeling ill tell us.

Zombie Boot Camp Photo Action Shots – After the final debriefing all participants that wish to have a perfect memento of their day can also meet and be photographed with the zombies – all for the small additional fee of £6.00 per person. A vivid and long-lasting reminder of how you and your friends stood shoulder-to-shoulder against a tide of Zombie insanity.

By booking an event, you accept our terms and conditions.