Corporate Event: Zombie Boot Camp

The Brief

The event at a glance

Zombie Boot Camp offers an employer or organisation an opportunity for adventure and escape.

The event includes:

2 Training sessions and 2 Missions to develop team cohesion.

Our team of military instructors will offer a guiding hand but will emphasise the importance of self-discovery. The missions are challenging and are an excellent way of bringing on managers in a more dynamic environment. Managers and team leaders will have opportunity to flex their muscles which in turn will develop relationships.  We are able to add value by offering feedback and will put forward delegates for awards at the end of the event whilst relaxing in an informal environment.

For smaller groups we can offer a combat scenario again based on training and a realistic final mission. These smaller packages are well suited to developing managers and potential team leaders.

All of our events are well suited to developing team work, respect for others and command & control.

Zombie Boot Camp

£99 per person plus VAT

Zombie Riot

£80 pp + VAT

24 plus? please contact us for an additional discount

Imagine a world when law and order has broken down the services we take for granted have disappeared: no telephone communication, running water, sanitation, TV or basic food stuffs. This scenario isn’t in the realms of fantasy across the world today societies are in crisis due to: war, poverty and disease.

What if the UK was engulfed by dreadful pandemic? How would you react, could your organisation maintain order or continue to function in adversity?

Information for organisers

The following briefing notes for organisers and employers are based on our core product Zombie Boot Camp (ZBC).

ZBC is a 4 hour event (this does not include the after party in the Chill Out Zone or time allocated for snacks [some corporate groups in the past have asked for a break in between the training and 1st mission starting). In the past we have also allocated time for arrivals coffee and pastries and time for other business to be conducted (such as a briefing about their business).


We may allow organisations to provide their own catering for their event. Subject to the method of service and set up.

We can provide basic sandwich buffets, tea/coffee and alcoholic drinks.

If the customer wants a sit down in a marque not a problem as long as it can fit in 2000 sq ft of space. My staff will not act as waiters or assist in the setting up apart from the basics such as opening doors and roller shutters etc.


On our corporate packages, for groups of 16 people or more we will include this FREE. You will receive around 200 edited photographs, sent electronically.


As long as we have advanced warning we can park up to 60 cars no charge.


The aim of this brief is to offer an overview of the event and consider its properties that can

We can cater for a range of group sizes:

4 to 16 we suggest the customer chooses 1 of our combat activities.

16 to 36 Zombie Boot Camp (we can flex up to 40 pax for this) smaller numbers will incur a supplement.

40 plus we recommend Zombie Riot (as the number increase we will offer a healthy discount on this event) we will also add an additional 1 hour to compensate for extra numbers. Zombie Riot allows delegates to have opportunity to be both a zombie and a riot cop following loosely the copy below.

Meeting your expectations

We realise that not all organisations are the same and employees can be very different. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and our mission is to meet your needs. We are confident that we can help to foster better working relationships and shape the team either as managers or the staff member. We have the capability to meet your expectations.