Our corporate Ram Tactical Package offers a unique military themed team event. You will experience actual military exercises focused on current and potential leadership capability within your team culminating in an adrenaline fuelled mission.

This package offers small groups of up to 16 the opportunity to experience the intensity of a full tactical training day. The theme is military anti-terrorism, we teach the actual drills using current and ex-military instructors.

Close Quarter Battle
This exercise is to break the ice within the organisation. The main group will be sub-divided into five teams of between 4 to 6 delegates. They will undergo instruction of how to operate as a “SWAT” team. Managers will have to lead their teams from the front demonstrating clear command and control.

Close Quarter Combat
Hand to hand/Self defence. This part of the event is based on developing personnel skills. We will teach delegates a number of industry recognised breakaway techniques. Delegates then dependent on ability will get the chance to practice their prowess on our highly trained instructors.

Prisoner Handling
We will teach delegates how to deal with a captured or surrendering terrorist. This is an excellent method of developing an individual’s self-confidence and the verbal communication within a small team.

Pistol handling and holster drills
Excellent for developing confidence, personality and dexterity; if we have groups for the day we will teach this subject then combine it with: instinctive shooting, rules of engagement (is it lawful to open fire) and CQC unarmed combat. An outstanding method of judging peoples ability to work under stress. It is a very personnel experience rather than a team activity “by definition a pistol is referred to as a “personnel protection weapon”.

1 to 8 delegates £120 pp plus VAT
9 to 16 delegates £99 pp plus VAT

Up to 6 hours