Zombie Bootcamp Briefing

Who would have believed in the first decade of the 21st Century that mankind would been so able to destroy its self so succulently; the warning signs where there from the beginning, but, due to our arrogance and greed we ignored them.

The outbreaks initially were isolated and were quickly contained; however governments chose to underplay the evidence. The British government were not alone in blaming these outbreaks on modern industrial pollution and the decrepit medical services in the far flung regions of Northern China. Even when cases of contamination were recorded in Southern Asia they chose not act.
No one truly understands the source of the disease however we are now sure that with time the virus has mutated to the extent of what we are now confronted with today.

As late as January 2014, the then UK Government had the chance to act, but, it chose not to. The PM instead of acting on the advice of the NHS, scientific research bodies and the rhetoric of our military elite; chose to listen to the plea’s of the industrialists and the fat cats of commerce. “Keep Britain open we cannot afford to close our air space and boarders, what of our economy”. With this decision we subjected our great nation to an agonising and terrifying end.

As predicted the first outbreaks were recorded in London this sprawling metropolis was impossible to police. Even when hospitals and airports became overrun the home secretary still did not arm the police. The regular army ignored the poor leadership of government and fought valiantly to contain the outbreaks. It is still perceived that the artillery bombardment on the worst effected boroughs of South London gave the nation the breathing space it desperately needed.

By the summer of 2014 central government had broken down and public services in the South East of England had stopped functioning. Under military direction traditional river boarders were re-established and crossing points fiercely contested between the militias and the infected.

Even with these draconian measures outbreaks occurred in Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham. Without the direct intervention of the US Air Force England would have been overwhelmed. Not since the Middle Ages had pitched battles been thought in the counties of Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. Main arterial routes throughout the South West were now our Dunkirk. The second battle of BRITAIN had now begun not between dashing pilots and fighter planes, but, between the common man armed with an axe and courage.

Current Situation

On the 11th of June the Duke of Cambridge addressed the nation from Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. He called on all able bodied men and boys to take up arms against this demonic onslaught. His Royal Decree stated: “Any citizen irrespective of gender, belief or ethnic background is hereby enabled to bear arms in the defence of this proud nation. Use whatever means are available to you to stand shoulder to shoulder to stop this horde of damnation”.

Establishing the Firm Base Against the Zombie Hoard

The 1st UK Armoured Division has now established a firm base along the West Bank of the River Severn. Bridges from Bristol up to Shrewsbury have now been prepared for demolition and any possible shallow crossing points are now heavily fortified. From Shrewsbury up to the Mersey 143 Brigade and elements of the US 82nd Airborne Division have laid a dense anti-personnel minefield and barbed wire defensive system. The North is fortified along the old lines of Hadrian’s Wall linking Carlisle with the Northern banks of Newcastle. The remainder of England.  All other healthy citizens have been asked to remain indoors and monitor BBC broadcasts where power still remains. When requested personnel are to make their way by whatever means at their disposal to their local Ram Training Site to undergo basic training. On completion of training individuals will be issued with sufficient equipment and small arms to undertake local defence within their parish boundaries. Your part in this epic struggle starts here.