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What to expect at a zombie event?

On arrival, the staff set the scene.  As the staff are all ex-army this is easy to do. At Zombie Boot Camp, we start off by decontamination. Boots first, then hands and head, making sure to rub that decontamination powder into the hair. Hilarious fun and a great way of breaking the ice. Once decontaminated […]

The story continues

I was asked yesterday to make a few comments about the lead news article with the BBC concerning the potential incarceration of a guy who has been selling a range of zombie killing knives. I was surprised into days’ age that people would get excited about such a thing and especially sending someone to prison. […]

Update – Zombie Boot Camp

What makes for a great Zombie event We are approaching the Summer period and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing as more potential recruits for zombie boot camp join up. We are now in year 5 of zombie boot camp and wolfmen and business is even busier. I remember sitting down with the sceptics when I […]

Major Roy’s Blog

I am looking forward to watching Pride and Prejudice Vs Zombies; is there no end to the film maker’s imagination or is there no end to our appetite for zombie films, TV, games etc.? The concept of pale, frail Georgian belles fighting the walking dead is certainly a quirky theme. I did take the time to read a […]

Life after Dragon’s Den

For those that don’t know Zombie Boot Camp was featured on Dragons Den on Sunday the 27th December 2015. We were originally asked as far back as February 2015 to consider being filmed. After much wrangling with the production company we agreed to go ahead. I was asked to attend an audition in Manchester at the BBC studios, […]