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What to expect at a zombie event?

On arrival, the staff set the scene.  As the staff are all ex-army this is easy to do. At Zombie Boot Camp, we start off by decontamination. Boots first, then hands and head, making sure to rub that decontamination powder into the hair. Hilarious fun and a great way of breaking the ice. Once decontaminated then it’s kit issue and a concise safety brief.

Now it’s boot camp. 2 short fast paced periods to get you ready to face the zombie hoard. Firstly, riot training, learn how to wield a baton and hold a riot shield. Move in formation, listen to the words of command. Then it’s Close Quarter Battle (CQB) get a rifle and find out how to clear out a building of the walking dead.

Time for a break  – before the 1st of 2 mission briefs.

What to expect at a zombie event - Riot training -Zombie Event

Riot training

Mission 1:  pile in to a van and speed of to quell an outbreak of freshly contaminated zombies and search for survivors. Leap off the van grab a riot shield and fight to the death. This mission is physical as those zombies need a good battering to go down. Once you have cleared the compound its back on the van to be re-briefed for mission 2.

Mission 2: grab a gun, pull down your helmet visors and get ready to go again. Its back on the van, speed off, jump off the van, make sure your safety if off and blast away. Stack up, follow your military instructor and get inside the building to wipe out the infection.

Finally, after 4 hours,  peel off your body armour, recover your composure, flop into a chair and get de-briefed. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and you are probably glad it over?

Remember no matter how hard we try,  zombies are fictional characters and the zombies

Zombie Experience Newly-trained recruits in the UK's best zombie experience

Zombie Experience Newly-trained recruits in the UK’s best zombie experience

who work on our events are living.

A zombie experience is a fantastic day out if you are part of a stag party, hen group, corporate group or just a couple of mates.

Zombie Experiences are an alternative to the more traditional day out –  give it a go.




Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Experience - The Major's Blog

…a good product will sell itself

Amazing to see that zombies and horror films are still going strong in 2017. Next Resident Evil date is soon to be released with a game to support it. World War Z 2 is imminent.

Sales of our Zombie and Werewolf events up 15% on last year. Zombie merchandise huge. The Walking Dead probably will gross more than the GDP of a small African nation. Will it ever stop? I think not!

When we launched Zombie Boot Camp 6 years ago, people said that it would last a year and the bank just made grunting noises when we asked for credit.

What is interesting is that we don’t need to work quite as hard on marketing or spending on adwords as people now know where to find us. It’s true what people say a good product will sell itself.

The UK now has about 4 great Zombie Events and a few not so good. Generally cheap means exactly that. The industry needs to continually invest to thrive. The days of an old warehouse, some springer airsoft shotguns and your mates running around for free are over. Customers now what they want and will track down the best events by searching for feedback. Trip advisor is the most honest and well used vehicle for customer feedback. Potential customers should always be wary of an organisation that claims to be the best zombie experience in the UK but have no reviews.

Our latest addition to our extensive catalogue of zombie experiences is Zombie Blitz “Zombie Battle Experience” it has a more economical price tag to encourage a customer on a tighter budget. Secondly, we needed an event that doesn’t have the physical contact and is open to a younger audience.

To make the event workable we employed the skills of Phil at ppfx. Phil designed, crafted and manufactured a set of individual medical grade silicon zombie masks. This allows an actor to look the part but be safe. Zombie Blitz is a shooting event where customers shoot the zombies with BB’s. The zombie masks construction allows the BB to strike the mask without pain or injury to the actor.

They also look cool.

Our other successes have been Wolfmen and the Asylum. Wolfmen offers a stag group or hen party an alternative to a zombie experience. The plot is a little thicker and the werewolf characters have far more scope to confuse and attack the players.

What’s new this year?

Well of course it must be Aliens – The Experience. We are busy working with designers to make masks and improve the set. Smoke, lasers and a freaky soundtrack will add to the effects. The event will only be for small groups and at night. Darkness is key to making the experience as fun as possible.

The ALIENS will have some pretty creepy characteristics and will fire back so this experience will not be a 1 sided show.